The Writers Block Poetry Night

The #1 Poetry Night in Columbus by popular vote!

NPS Team -- We have just received donations for the following:

* A signed and numbered print by Barry Windsor-Smith, the well known as Marvel comics artist, who has done artwork for The Avengers, Daredevil, the X-Men and was the original artist of the Conan the Barbarian series.

* The last copy of Paula Lambert's chapbook, "The Guilt that Gathers," published by Pudding House.

* A Jane Austen Action Pack, including "Everyman's Poetry: Jane Austen," "A History of England," several ridiculous sequels, and Jane Austen action figure.

And there could be more to come! Don't miss the fabulous deals and one-of-a-kind items that will be up for bid tonight! Check out our original auction list as well - so much hotness!

For the 2010 Nats Team! Auction Items!
Here is a list of some of the fantastic items up for bid at Writers' Block this week.* Break open that piggy bank and help us send the team to St. Paul.

Carnivore's Delight: Brown Sugar BBQ: Gift Certificate for 10lbs Smoked Brisket
plus Bacon vs. Tofu action figures

Tom Budday original t-shirt featuring funny Scott Woods related cleverness
plus Bill Campana’s “The Gift of Virtue Refunded for Cash.”

Wild Goose Prize Pack including reusable grocery sack, XL t-shirt, buttons, and temporary tattoos, 10 note cards, Mary Oliver’s “Why I Wake Early.”

Gina’s Duct Tape Flower pens, plus mug, plus journal.

Mary Kay products plus jewelry items

Brown Sugar BBQ Gift Certificate for one pan of sweet potato enchilladas, plus Saul Williams “Said the Shotgun to the Head” and “Def Poetry Jam on Broadway.”

Basket of WOW including Medium t-shirt from inaugural Women of the World slam in Detroit, “100 Great Poems by Women,” “If I Had a Hammer: Women’s Work in Poetry, Fiction, and Pictures,” and selected poem collections by Sappho, Millay, and Dickinson. Also includes a Goddess badge from WOW 2010.

Scott Woods’ prose poem “The Gospel of Smoke.”

The Drunken Serenade package, including Brown Sugar BBQ gift certificate for 5 gallons of sangria, plus 3 hours of violin music from Ethan.

Hunger Package, including Gift Certificate for one pan of Brown Sugar BBQ Mac and Cheese, plus eight tickets to Shadowbox Cabaret Lunchbox show.

Messenger Bag of Books, slightly distressed messenger bag stuffed with books including The Hand of the Poet, Beat Voices, Poetry Out Loud, The Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry, and many more. Every compartment is overflowing with poetry books and chapbooks.

Date Night: 2 Adult passes to COSI plus “Love in Verse.”

Hardbound 1944 edition of Paradise Lost, illustrated by William Blake and VHS copy of Cocteau's film "Blood of a Poet." plus The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry and Brown Sugar BBQ Mac and Cheese.

Austin’s Baked Goods

Box of Barack: Barack Obama coloring book with crayons, and Writers’ Block original Obama collectible plate.

Brown Sugar BBQ Gift Certificate for Sweet Potato Enchilladas

Eight tickets to Shadowbox Cabaret

Rolling Stone Magazine / January 1981 / John Lennon and Yoko Ono cover and interview.

Jeff Abraxas print ‘Best Wishes’ circa January 2009.

Brown Sugar BBQ Gift Certificate for 10 lbs of Smoked Brisket, plus 5 gallons of Sangria, plus three hours of Scott's Groove Locker.


Thank you all for your generousity.

*Items subject to change without notice.

Writing Prompt
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Write a memo, business-style, to a teacher.

Writing Sample
This prompt is too good to be true! It's a headline prompt -- and astonishing in its own right I think!

Chile Earthquake May Have Shortened Days on Earth

WOW Staff Needed!

This is a call for a volunteer to coordinate a very specific job: Poet Bag Coordinator!

This duty asks that the coordinator find a few businesses willing to provide items for 70 poet bags: coupons, items, swag...something to help pad our bags and that spreads the business name amongst the poets while they're in town. At past events items have included books, comics, coupons, toys...the list is endless! We're not asking for endless though...we just need a handful of things spread out over 70 poets. So this person would go talk to a few businesses and score 70 somethings from each. Once items are gathered and the bags are shipped to us, a bagging party commences and that's it!

The bags are being provided by Poetry Slam, Inc. The job would need to start very soon.
Interested? Email me at sewoods1@yahoo.com, subject "WOW Bags".

Scott Woods

TONIGHT: The English Are Coming!

There is a very short list of people the Writers' Block crew would hand the reigns of their night over to, but this cat is on it.

Everyone's favorite British person named Chris - British Chris - will be hosting the open mic tonight! He is leaving to return to the land of the Queen in a few days and we figured we'd send him off with a bang!

So cherrio, tut-tut and all that rubbish, come on out and see what manner of bizarro unfolds tonight as we are once again colonized by the English. Or get a picture taken with the closest thing Columbus has to James Bond! Or Doctor Who. Or The Prisoner. Or Prince Charles.

Writers' Block Poetry Night
@ Kafe Kerouac
2250 N. High St.
8:00 $5


WOWps Grand Slam
Writing Sample
Six hot women went at it last night at the Columbus Writers' Block WOWps Grand Slam.

final rankingCollapse )

There was new blood. There were veterans. There was a lot of hot WOWps action. See you in March!

Fellas, help this week's slam

This is a call for your help.
As you know, this week is the Grand Slam for the 2010 WOWps.
Most of our ladies work the night as well as slam and I think it's high time that stopped during their season. They need to focus on just being poets that evening this year.

So: I need...

- A guy who can run door
- A guy who can keep score
- A guy who can keep time

Got it?
Holler fast!

(And yes, I know there are women who might not be slamming who are willing to do this, but I'd like it to be guys this time. We need ladies to be an awesome, undistracted audience as well!)

WOWps Qualifier Results - Going into the Grand Slam
Here are the results of the WOWps season going into the Grand Slam:


Give it up for Gina who won last night!

WOWps Qualifier Results
It was a hot, hot, HOT slam last night at the Writers' Block Poetry Night. So what are the results???? Check here:


(HOT, I tell you!)


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